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Tskorman Productions


T. Skorman Productions

Paul Creighton
Executive Vice President
(407) 895-3000 ext 206

Paul Creighton CSEP, the Executive Vice-President at T. Skorman Productions, has the unique perspective of being T. Skorman’s first employee. After 7 years on the road with a successful touring act, Paul was invited to join T. Skorman as a producer…Read more

Connie Riley, CSEP CMP
Vice President
(407) 895-3000 ext 213

Connie Riley, CSEP is the Vice President of Event Operations for T. Skorman Productions, Inc. and has worked with the company since its inception. Settling in Orlando in 1987 to open the Convention / Special Events Department…Read more

Chuck Anthony
President – Casino Division
(407) 895-3000 ext 214

While he’s been President of the Casino Division of TSP since 1991, Chuck Anthony’s extraordinary experience in the booking and management of live entertainment & review shows spans 5 decades…Read more

Ted Skorman
(407) 895-3000 ext 205

As president of T. Skorman Productions, Ted Skorman heads one of the largest entertainment and special event companies in the country. While the company is multi-faceted, providing entertainment, event production, custom music and celebrities…Read more

Bill Masterson
Vice-President, Casino Division
(407) 895-3000 ext 217

Former casino executive Bill Masterson brings an insider’s perspective of the casino entertainment industry to T Skorman Productions. For more than a decade he served as Executive Director of Marketing, Sales & Entertainment at Soaring…Read more

Herb Williams
Director of Studio Operations
(407) 895-3000 ext 211

Herb Williams is in charge of our in-house recording studio and has been part of the T. Skorman family since 1987 as both an incredible performer and bandleader.  Herb also spent time in his hometown of…Read more

Gabrielle Mourino
Account Executive
(407) 895-3000 ext 215

Gabrielle Mourino recently graduated from the UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management with a degree in Event Management and a love for the industry. Over the past 4 years Gabrielle has worked with many different…Read more